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North Eluthera Flat - Harbour Island - Bahamas

Harbour Island can be reached by boat from North Eluthera in about 10 minutes. Roughly about the same time from the North Eluthera landing strip to the boat dock.

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There are guides for Bonefishing on the island too and endless hotspots for good size bonefish can be found easily by boat.

Bonefishing Fliegenfischen Bahamas Flat

If you want to be guided and go per boat, make sure to request availability months before you go.

Bahamas - Harbour Island

There is one “quiet” side of Harbour Island (west) with flats and inlets reaching to North Eluthera and the open sea side on the east with a few minor waves and winds for kite surfing and the outer reef visible on most days.

Bahamas Beach - Harbour Island

Whilst most of the blue water and reef fishing happens out on the east side, the interesting side for fly fishing for bonefish is the western side.

Bahamas North eluthera Harbour Island

It will take you about 5 minutes from side to side with one of the local golf carts, the common vehicle for transport on this tiny island.

Bonefish Harbour Island - Quite Fly Fishing

Bonefishing Bahamas - Harbour Osland Eluthera

Harbour Island Fliegenfischen Bahamas Bonefish

The main “house-flat” on the western side is easily accessible on low tide (can be spotted on Google maps on first sight).

North Eluthera Harbour Island Bahamas

If you get the chance to be there morning- or evening times at the end of declining high tide to rising lowtide, don’t miss out.

Bahamas Sunset - Harbour Island

I could spot some huge schools, I did not even know, they would exist in that size, with about 200 and more fish. There was that one moment, where I thought the stream of passing fish would never end.

Quite fly Fishing for Bonefish - Bahamas Harbour Island

But … They are spooky as hell. They really are. It’s a fact. I spooked them when passing by, I spooked them tailing, I spooked them slowly cruising (and next to all those schoolies there are some real huge single cruisers around) and you should be aware, that you are probably not the first shrimp casting fly fishing guy, they have seen. Move slowly, minimum blind casts.

Fliegenfischen auf Bonefisch, Fly Fishing for Bonefish, Bahamas - Quite Fly Fishing

Fliegenfischen auf Bonefish - Bahamas - Quite Fly Fishing

The water is easy to wade in, bonefish will come at low tide into knee deep waters to feed.
If you have a lot of time, use the high tide periods, when the flat is not fishable, and go check the docks and spot for bonefish. They do cruise the whole western side of the island and if you are patient you will get the chance to cast at some real big single cruisers. Mostly it is a one cast scenario for those fish, so if you mess up nummero uno, enjoy the view and wait for the next one.

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